I cannot say enough about the wonderful people who have contributed in one form or another to this very deserving cause preserving the legacy of singer/songwriter/bassist James Dewar.  From Richie Devlin to Lisa Dewar (Jimmy's youngest) and a dozen or so people in between, you have all been great and I thank you. It is clear that Jimmy touched many of us with his tremendous talent based upon the stories and feedback that I have been receiving. His soulful voice, his tasteful yet driving bass technique and his seemingly limitless stage-cool connected with something deep inside of us that lives on to this very day. You will see regular new contributions on this site for as long as I can search out new stories, remarks, photos and music. We are just getting started. 

The most exciting contribution to the site thus far has been courtesy of a brilliant photographer by the name of Jim Summaria. Jim has generously donated the use of photos he took of Jimmy and the RTB from concerts played in Chicago in 1973 and 1975. These never before circulated photos capture Jimmy on and off stage. Both the mood and the clarity of these photos are outstanding and I cannot thank Jim enough. Jim's photos can be found here on his contributor page  as well as in the Galleries section and you can see more of Jim's work by visiting http://jimsummariaphoto.com/

Here is just one of Jim's photos. CK