I have tried my hand at creating an iMovie video containing many of the photos from this site and a rare live recording of Jimmy with the RTB from 1976. I was actually at this concert and it was a magical night captured at the peak of Robin, Bill and Jimmy's talents. This is actually a cover that they did of a song written by the Gavin Sutherland in 1972. Although several artists including Rod Stewart released this song throughout the mid-seventies, none had the raw power and passion of the Trower version.

In an interview done with Jimmy shortly before he passed, he was quoted as having said he did not care for this song (the interview can be found on Steve Shail's site). I happen to like the song but what I find incredible is that Jimmy could knock this right out of the park despite evidently disliking the song. The man never ceases to amaze.

I have restored and enhanced the audio as best I can. The recording is low tech but absolutely worth a listen. I hope you enjoy!

Turn it up LOUD!