Newest member of the Band

James Dewar, Robin Trower and Reg Isidore

It has long been said that there must be a great band in the hereafter. If this is true, I am sad to tell you that on March 22, 2009 that band received it's newest member, Reg Isidore. As most know, Reggie was the first drummer in the Robin Trower Band and his powerful and deliberate style surely played a role in the bands early acceptance. Jimmy Dewar was credited with bringing Reggie into the band and my hope is that these two great talents are making music together once again. Our condolences go out to the Isidore family.

The photo shown above was obtained through photo searches of the Internet and appears to be the property of Jorgen Angel. Apparently Mr. Angel took some pretty cool pictures of the band in the early days (Kudos!). I have not obtained permission to use Mr. Angel's photo and am glad to remove this if so requested by him.