The past six months have stretched me very thin. Frankly, that kind of pressure brings me even closer to all my old Trower/Dewar recordings but it leaves me little time to beat the bushes for fresh "Jimmy" content to post here. I have been more involved in music lately and, while I respect anyone with a passion for song, I am reminded more than ever that we are in the dark ages when compared to rock music from the late sixties through the mid seventies. Even the best talent out there today seems woefully vacant for those of us who remember the depth of our late friend Mr. Dewar. I first saw the RTB in 1974 at the Orpheum Theater in Boston and I had no idea if I would like the experience or simply remain a fan of their albums. From the downbeat of the first song, that question was answered. I was transported to a place that I had never before experienced and every Dewar performance thereafter had the same breathtaking effect on me. Dramatic as it may sound, I have sought to recreate that feeling ever since. For those of you who know this feeling, you have all my sympathy. I have no hope to offer as the irreplaceable elements of this experience are gone. The best I can do is meet you here in the virtual world of JimmyDewar.com and hope to provide a few remnants of this all-natural high. That's right, for me, a Robin Trower Band performance had to be experienced in total sobriety, no booze and no drugs. I wanted to be as sharp as possible so as to soak up everything the show had to offer. Every inflection, every nuance, every magical detail of those live performances that defined this band, their music and their performances as legendary.

So, if you (or anyone you know) may have photos, recordings, stories or memorabilia that you would care to share with our exclusive little club of Dewar fans, we would love to hear from you. It will help me to keep this site interesting and I am certain that all who visit here will be grateful to you as well. Email me at Carl@CarlKennedy.net and we can all enjoy your contribution.

Thanks for visiting.