Andy Fraser shares his thoughts on Jimmy.

Andy Fraser began playing bass with John Mayall at just 15 years of age. Soon after, he left to become a founding member of the rock band Free and for the next 4 years Andy worked closely with vocal phenom Paul Rodgers. While Andy remains active in music to this day he may always be best known for co-writing and producing the Free rock anthem "All Right Now". With credentials like this, praise should not be taken lightly and praise is exactly what Andy offers of our dear friend Mr. Dewar. Many thanks to our good friend Richard Devlin for soliciting these words from Andy and our very sincere thanks and best wishes to Mr. Fraser as well. CK

"My association with Jimmy was made close through our mutual friend Frankie Miller. Free and the Robin Trower Group did several gigs together,  but Frankie was the one who brought him down to my house and opened my eyes to his incredible talent.

Just such a decent guy, hard working, lots of  kids to take care of, and obviously such a brotherhood between he and Frankie, who was always such a supporter of any Scotsman, especially if he was talented. I wonder if because I was born Andrew McIan Fraser, Frankie felt I just had to be alright with such a Scottish name.

Jimmy is such an incredible loss. His soulful singing speaks for itself, but mainly he was such easy going, accessible guy, not caught up in the usual nonsense so prevalent in the music industry." AF