Signs of intelligent life......

Many of us in this tiny group of holdouts [who love great rock from the Trower era] wonder "aren't there any more of us?". No matter how strong your convictions for these musicians and their music, you would not be human if you did not feel like a scientists staring into space, wondering if there was intelligent life out there. In this case however, the great unknown is earth and the prognosis is bleak. In a sea of contrived, vocorder-laden, computer garbage, one can feel very alone with his/her precious Trower collection.

Like a scientists scouring space through a telescope, I search the Internet through Google, Bing, and any other web tool I can find, in hopes of discovering a photo, a story or a recording and it can be discouraging. Recently, when I was wondering if that is all there is, "Ian" posted a tip in the Guest Forum for me to check out What a tip it was.

Four guys named Michael Collins Morton, David Miller, Gary Hodges and Dan Curry have a blog-style website paying homage to their favorite '70s rock bands. Low and behold, there we find stories and photos of two different San Francisco concerts played by RTB at Winterland on November 3, 1973 and May 25, 1974 respectively. David, Dan, Gary and Michael reminisce and, do a pretty decent job of taking us back to that experience so many years ago. As enjoyable as their stories may be, the photos are the greatest treasure as they are previously unreleased shots of Jimmy (and maybe Robin although I have not inquired). The shots are mostly black and white with a few color shots and most are good resolution and nicely captured.

I urge anyone who loves '70s rock and especially the Robin Trower Band to visit this site. David has been kind enough to grant me permission to post his shots of Jimmy on this website and, just to wet your appetite, you will find one below.

Look for many more of David's photos to come but for now please enjoy this one and stop by "Brit Rock By The Bay"

I will post more Jimmy photos from David's archive as time allows.