A decade ago......

Ten years ago we lost one the greatest musical talents ever to take the stage or enter a recording studio. Health issues would make 1982 the last year that he would play to packed venues as a member of the Robin Trower Band. Declining health over the next twenty years would eventually cause him to pass away on May 16th 2002.

His unmatched vocal talent, flawless bass playing and his ability to pen a rock anthem remain legendary among many of today's biggest stars. To say "they don't make 'em like that anymore" would only tell part of the story. Jimmy was a one-of-a-kind. None before, none since.

Fortunately, he left us with plenty of great music, lots of YouTube content (thanks to Stephen Redrobe and several other dilligent contributors) and three beautiful and charming daughters, Lisa, Wendy and Laura. The photo shown here is a family photo that was grainy and out of focus with lots of wear and tear from years of lying around the Dewar home. Despite these technical shortcomings there is no hiding the the beauty and love of a young James and Mattie Dewar shown here.

James Dewar (12 October 1942 – 16 May 2002)